1. What is Kaki Bola Clash (KBC)?

Kaki Bola Clash (KBC) is a FIFA Online 3 offline tournament held twice a season in every state in Malaysia! Join the offline tournament and win cash prizes, FO3 Cash or also EP per event. Make new FO3 friends in your state. Kaki Bola Clash will also look for the best FIFA managers from each state to compete for a final prize pool of RM 40 000 in the National Championship (NC).

2.  What is Kaki Bangku Clash (KBK)?

- Similar to Kaki Bola Clash, Kaki Bangku Clash is a weekly FIFA Online 3 offline tournament. This tournament is targeted for amateurs who want to test their skills in the pro scene. No Hall of Fame to track your points or your performance. Kaki Bangku Clash is simply register, play and win. 

3. When are the events held?

Kaki Bola Clash is hosted twice a season and Kaki Bangku Clash is hosted every week. The event is usually held from 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM. Event time may vary from time to time.

4. How do I find the KBC Events at my state?

- Click on your state on the KBC map and click on "more" for link to FB Events Page & "Location" for the Google Map to the venue.

-  Find the event through the state FB events page: http://kakibolaclash.fo3.garena.com/community  (Remember to join our FB Group as well!)

5. How do I find the CC for the KBC Event near my state?

- The address for each CC is stated in each Events post.

6.   How do I register?

Go to the individual FB events page made by the Community Referee. You may find the registration form there.

7. Any registration fee?

-  No registration fee! Participating KBC and using the CC’s computers are free!

8.  Who can join KBC? Any age limit?

Anyone can join KBC - No age/ manager level/ squad value/ race/ religion/ gender/ nationality limit.

 9. Can I join KBC with 2 or more accounts?

-   No. Each participant can only join KBC with 1 account. If you are caught, you will be banned for the season.


10.  How do I find the bracket?

-      Brackets will be generated on the day of the event itself. CRs will generate a bracket with all present participants at the event and provide you with the URL of the bracket. You may also check your respective events pages for the link from the CR.


11.   If I win, when will I receive my prizes?

-      1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners will receive the cash on the day itself from the CR.  You will receive your in-game cash reward within 1 week after the event day.


12. Any freebies if I come down for KBC?

-      All participants will be rewarded with 5 000 000 000 EP & there is one 30 000 000 EP lucky draw too! Once in a while, our CRs will also be giving out exclusive FIFA Online 3 merchandise, for free!


14. Who/ What is a CR?

-      A CR stands for "Community Referee". CRs are FIFA Online 3 Community leaders who host the bi-weekly Kaki Bola Clash events in their state.


15. How do I become a CR?

-      If you are above 18 and interested in becoming a CR, please apply here: 

        - KL/Selangor : https://goo.gl/5XF4sh

        - Johor/Perak : https://goo.gl/QAkd9t

        - Kedah/Penang/Perlis : https://goo.gl/0NSkgH

        - Terengganu/Pahang/Negeri Sembilan/Kelantan : https://goo.gl/uXAEkW

- CRs are paid RM 60 for hosting a bracket of 23 and below (Silver), and RM 100 for a bracket of 24 and above (Gold.)


16.  Can I participate in KBC in more than 1 state?

-      You may not qualify for the National Championship in more than 1 state. If you do, you will be disqualified from both events (NC and KBC for the rest of the season)


17. I am a CC Owner who wants to host KBC/ I want to recommend a CC to host KBC. Who do I contact?

-   You may contact our GM Don by emailing nazirul@garena.com